2019 global spiritual journeys


  November 16th - 28th 

Join our spiritual pilgramiges we visit the ancient sites of the Pyramids of Giza Pyramids, Temple of lsis, Valley of the Kings, Sphinx and much more.

Each day will be a new adventure followed by an evening workshop to process the energies experienced.  Ensuring “feelings” have the time to clear and questions clarified.

(Itinerary to follow)

LIMIT 20  Participants

(first come - first serve)

registration will open March


  April  2019

Retreat for Women Only

We have great pleasure in announcing our first Spiritual Journey - Self Discovery. 

This is a 10 day Retreat for women desiring to enhance their potential, delving deeper into their inner 'Masculine & Feminine' energy.  Growing their ability to harmonize and balance within. 

Join us as we learn to put “down the sword and shield” you've been taught to carry as Mothers and Protectors. To reconnect to our sensuality meaning 'our Senses and our Femininity'

sorry workshop is full